1. Training Courses on Player Protection

We offer training courses on player protection for gambling halls and betting shops.

Effective player protection needs professional and qualified employees, whose capacity to act is not only based on a sound understanding of gambling disorders and their mechanisms, but also on self-confidence in decision-making and acting in this field. Besides practical suitability, this self-confidence is one of our training courses’ core features.

Our training courses are designed to comply with the legal requirements under Maltese and German law.

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    2. Training for Professionals in the Gaming Sector

    The connection between qualified education and further training of specialists who, are in contact with people who are affected and endangered, represents Gluecksfall to the core. Across Europe, we offer multilingual classroom trainings, and also e-Learning in sensitive subject areas, that is player and youth protection. In these courses, participants are trained to identify and prevent problem gambling and problematic gambling behaviour at an early stage, as well as to deal with people affected in a practicable and competent way. Our lecturers have many years of relevant experience in staff training, advising and the care for people seeking help and working with people endangered.

    3. Diversity Trainings

    In order to support player protection independently of languages, origin and culture or further inherent characteristics, we offer intercultural and diversity training.

    For further information, please contact us by e-mail at info@gluecksfall.com.

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