Why Gluecksfall?

Gluecksfall is a young association dedicated to player protection. It was founded in 2017 by experts from different fields with the aim to effectively counteract problem gambling and to increase player protection. On the basis of the acceptance and holistic approach, by means of therapeutic support, advice and development, Gluecksfall intends to enable all gambling stakeholders to learn and understand the importance of responsible gambling behaviour.

Even since its foundation in 2017, Gluecksfall has been offering training courses focusing on the topic of gambling and problem gambling to different target groups.

Gluecksfall offers multilingual, comprehensive training, whether in a classroom or within the e-Learning platform,about a range of topics as for example gambling, protection of players and minors and corporate-social responsibility. These courses are designed for experts and organisations, from the field of support and care provision, sports and administration and from the gambling operator staff. Classroom training is exclusively implemented by lecturers with longstanding, relevant field of competence acquired during the many years of prevention and support work with affected people, relatives – even from ethnic groups who are hard to reach – and multipliers. The staff are also experienced at giving advice in relation to the protection of players and even those of who are minors. The range of the training sessions’ main topics covers the demand for qualification of experts and organisations who have had contact or might have contact with high-risk, problematic and pathologic gambling. Our work aims to effectively implement entrepreneurial responsibility and protection of players, minors and consumers in order to prevent and reduce problems related to gambling.

We are happy to receive you in our rooms or on our online-platforms, but are also happy to visit you.

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