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Gluecksfall is an association that offers help and advice to players who are affected and endangered by gambling addiction, by which the reaching out to their relatives is also taken into consideration.

We also offer you, your family and relatives, free, and on request anonymous advice from specialised staff. It is our task to create the offers for those seeking help in such a way that they can benefit perfectly from our broad network of further assistance and expertise. For us, trust is the key to successful cooperation. In order to ensure this, we are bound to secrecy and confidentiality. Since some decisions require promptness, we strive to offer you an initial, personal conversation within a short time. Support can be conducted in English, German and Turkish.

Our services do not solely range from providing information, solutions, and motivating the players in relation to their aggravating circumstances, but we also forward referrals to suitably aid the player and also include follow-up care when the withdrawal treatment has been completed. In addition, we also offer advice and referrals in cases of dispute with the gambling provider, in order to give you optimal support in your unburdened restart.

It does not matter if you contact us because of anger, desperation, depression, helplessness, fear for your existence or because you need information or a solution, please contact us. We are bound to the statutory obligation of confidentiality.

Click here for advice by telephone or e-mail. You can contact us in English, German or Turkish.

If you are looking for therapeutic support centres in Germany, please find them here.

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