Face-to-Face Training

Problematic Gambling within Immigrant Population

Length: 4 hours

Participants: 12 persons maximum

Where: At ours? At yours? In our virtual classroom?

Contact: In prevalence studies, people with an immigration background are also identified as being particularly inclined to gamble in a problematic and pathological way.

Professionals, who are in contact with these target groups, often not only have to overcome linguistic but also cultural barriers in order to have access and contact to these groups. Nevertheless, with regard to these target groups, the professionals mentioned are an elementary interface to professional help and to the relief of these groups’ relatives, families, communities and people affected.

This training discovers barriers between professionals and target groups before and while using specific help and provides knowledge and skills which optimise and increase the efficiency of the cooperation with migrant target groups.

In particular we focus on teaching cultural competence regarding conversational skills and concerning work with the prevention of gambling addiction and disorders.

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