Information regarding gambling

People gamble for various reasons. We speak of gambling when money is spent on betting – with the aim to receive a higher amount from the bet than the amount which has originally been wagered – and the result of the game completely or predominantly depends on chance. In some countries they are called “hazard games”. They substantially differ from strategy games and games of skill since players normally only participate passively and have only little or no influence on the game result. The unknown, allied with the hope that fate sides with fortune, forms the major attraction of gambling. All of these games of chance are joined by every day life’s wishes and the hope of being the lucky devil. Whether it is the kick, building and decorating castles in the air, the prospect of easy money, wealth or simply in order to relax.

There always have been attempts in Central Europe to regulate gambling and to prevent people’s drive to gamble from being exploited. Gambling is blamed for a high danger of addiction which often has serious consequences for relatives’ and affected people’s financial, family and health situation. Unfortunately, the development of the Internet has not only enabled an easier access to gambling but also to the negative consequences of problem gambling and pathological gambling, i.e. gambling in an addictive way. A working and effective regulation has not yet been provided so far.

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