Gluecksfall – Safer Gambling Association is a player protection organisation founded by experts from different fields. The founders’ aims were to effectively counteract problem gambling and gambling addiction as well as to shape the nature of gambling responsibly.

Gambling and the danger related to it date back several millennia and have always been of interest to the most diverse groups. Therefore, we are committed to a holistic approach geared towards reality. On the basis of an accepting attitude and by the means of support and education, we intend to facilitate all stakeholders to a responsible gambling behaviour. It is our goal to provide individual, non-bureaucratic, prompt, effective and sustainable help to people confronted with problem gambling and to enable them to participate in society more easily.

We are partners for any queries regarding problem gambling for people seeking help, providers, science, media and the community

With regard to preventive support and care of adolescents, people seeking help and those who are vulnerable, we are committed to proceed in an individual, needs-orientated and goal-driven way.

We act in an environment, which is marked by the diversity of forms of life and interests. Therefore we are open to all people, regardless of their origin, age, religion and belief, health, sexual orientation, as well as to organisations who are directly or indirectly involved in gambling.

On this basis, we have a multifactorial understanding of problem gambling: Varied causes require varied ways to keep a potential threat at a minimum and to avoid addiction.

Basic principles of our work

Respect for the dignity of man and fundamental rights forms the basis of our work. With regard to those people seeking help, we support their equal participation in social life and the development of all other participating stakeholders in order to ensure a responsible creation of the nature of gambling.

Resource orientation, self-aid

Assistance in case of problem gambling is basically help for self-help. This kind of help is solution-orientated and goal-driven. In respect of help seeking people as well as stakeholders, it activates their resources and potential for self-help. We improve our target groups’ self-confidence in their own capability, increase their confidence that change is going to occur and therefore also their experience of self-efficacy.

Diversity and networking

Respect for alternative approaches in life and society is one of our basic principles, requiring varied and qualified services. Therefore, networking and trusting cooperation with the concerned stakeholders are of paramount importance for us.

We are an organisation orientated to community, customers and innovation

Gluecksfall solely employs qualified experts with competence in diversity. Their special capabilities are an empathic and appreciating fundamental attitude, dedicated and comprehensive knowledge and the acceptance of various life designs. Our trainers provide their knowledge in a constructive and goal-driven manner. Gluecksfall continuously supports professional and personal competence of its employees.

Gluecksfall is expressively committed to the terms of the Anti-Discrimination and Equal Treatment Act as well as to the “Diversity Charter”.

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