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Welcome to Chevron Consultants’ Whistleblower and Ombudsman System

A whistleblower (the “Whistleblower”) – an employee, a third party supplier or a customer – may contact us by using the following form on our Whistleblower-System (the “Form”) to report any potential violation of the existing statutory, regulatory or internal regulations.

Independence and Expertise by External Ombudsman

  • Chevron Consultants acts as an Ombudsman, a neutral mediator between you, as the Whistleblower, and the company which you indicate as being non-compliant.
  • We shall be the first contact point for Whistleblowers. If the Whistleblower doesn´t want to be in direct contact with the company, we will remain the sole contact.

Protection of Your Identity

  • We guarantee the confidentiality of the Whistleblower(s)´ identity, as well as of the company which is the subject of non-compliance (the “Company”), to an extent permitted by law;
  • We consistently use technical solutions, including but not limited to the deletion of the computers’ IP address which is reportedly subject to the non-compliance.
  • Should you wish the transfer of your identity, please advise us after your fact description.

Procedure for Reporting an Instance of Non-Compliance

  • Type the name of the Company and the registered/business address of the Company (if applicable) as well as the agency in the field entitled “Company name”;
  • Select any one of the compliance units which best describes/reflects the specific infringement, from the “Topic” selection box. If the subject of non-compliance is not included in the options available in the selection box, select “Miscellaneous”;
  • Provide a comprehensive, detailed but concise explanation of the “Matter”; Should you wish to attach any documents, photos or other relevant data as supporting documentation, you may click the browse button to select the relevant documentation;
  • Enter the following security code in the “Security Code” field and press the “Submit” button to dispatch.

Except when otherwise indicated by the context, any masculine terminology used herein shall also include the feminine and the feminine shall include the masculine, and the use of any term herein in the singular may also include the plural and the plural shall include the singular.

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