Face-to-Face Training

Recognising and Advising on Problematic Gambling

Lenght: 4 hours

Participants: 12 persons maximum

Where: At ours? At yours? In our virtual-classroom?

Contact: Our training provides a profound understanding of problem gambling and pathological gambling by focusing on relevant risk factors, characteristics of the problem, practical tools, as well as differentiated assistance and other opportunities for player and youth protection.

  • Develop an understanding of problem gambling and pathological gambling, learn how to recognise it and how to initiate and shape conversations with those affected.
  • Develop a needs-based expertise in helping people confronted with gambling addiction and a needs-orientated knowledge of measures for player protection.

Our training is designed for professionals who, during their work, encounter people affected and endangered by problem gambling and who therefore want to widen their skills and capabilities, in order to deal with concerns of relatives and people affected and to be able to forward them to the correct specialist units.

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