Have you ever wondered if your own, or any close relative’s gambling behaviour could be problematic? Have you noticed any changes in your gaming behaviour lately?

If you are unsure how to assess your gambling behavior, answering the following questions may be helpful:

  • Do you spend more time and money on gambling than you can afford?
  • Have you ever tried to make up losses?
  • Have you ever played in secrecy?
  • Have you ever gambled borrowed money?
  • Has your gambling behaviour affected your mood and shifted to a depressing mood?
  • Have you ever restricted or renounced other activities in order to gamble?
  • Do you play to distract yourself from problems?
  • Do you play to escape from bad thoughts?

If you have answered any of the above questions with “yes”, therapeutic support or advice might be useful.

Click here for advice by telephonee-mail or live chat , conducted by Gluecksfall – Center for player protection – in English, German or Turkish.

In order for the participation in gambling to remain a hobby and in order to avoid problematic gambling behaviour, we have composed a list of hints facilitating responsible gambling:

  • Only gamble within your fixed stakes!
  • Do not neglect any other commitments or obligations in favour of gambling!
  • Check regularly whether you should take a break!
  • Lost stakes cannot be made up!
  • Exaggerated gambling is no solution to personal problems!
  • Only play in your leisure time! Separate it from your family and job.
  • In cases of animosity and other conflicts due to gambling, critically reflect your gambling behaviour and take action!

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