Addiction Counselling Centres

Addiction counselling centres are contact points for people affected by addictive diseases, those at risk and for relatives, who, in compliance with the relevant professional confidentiality and data protection requirements, can there be advised and counselled for free.

Addiction Counselling Centres:

  • Advise not only people affected and endangered but also relatives (by comprehensive, individual, psychosocial support – also of the follow-up problems)
  • Refer to further specialist help (including withdrawal treatment, psychiatric specialist services and debt counselling services, etc.)
  • Carry out follow-up treatments after a withdrawal treatment
  • Carry out prevention events
  • Advise multipliers and professionals of other organisations responsible for preventive work

Contacting us usually takes place via obligatory, open consultation hours, telephone and/ or e-mail. For people seeking help we therefore offer guidance throughout the entire process of change. This can range from motivational support and withdrawal treatment to the sustainable stabilisation of change.

Some counselling centres are licensed by the German pension and insurance companies for the implementation of an outpatient, medical withdrawal treatment in case of gaming addiction.

Below you find contact points across Germany for a first contact. Please click on the corresponding federal state to download information as PDF.

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